About Us

Magic Hour is a brick and mortar store dreamed up from the minds of mother daughter duo Molly Mathias and Mary Ann Mathias.

Molly and Mary Ann having been selling vintage furniture since 2012. Their goal is to encourage everyone to appreciate and purchase beautiful vintage and handmade goods. 

Molly has a background in accounting, but gave all that up to pursue her goals. She is now an interior designer, realtor, and creative director and buyer at Magic Hour.

Mary Ann Mathias still works her "day job" but hopes to one day jump full time to keep Magic Hour a well oiled machine. 

Magic Hour is truly a family owned business and it wouldn't run without the help of Ken Mathias, Corey Stefanowicz, and Parker Mathias. All who drop everything at the drop of a hat when Molly has one of her "ideas."